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Phone conversation with Andy this morning. Would like to get back to using this website for sharing family stuff since not all use facebook, and some of us are not enamored with it either.


Wanted to see how posting photos does here. (first time). It’s easy to do. Wondering if members get email message that a post was made – thought that happened before.


Sad day

John Harbauer’s sister died today. She was still living alone, but in the past 2 months the dementia became much worse. She was in a nursing home for rehab after hospitalization; only there a few days. Only hospital discharge diagnosis was altered mental state.


Happy New Year 2020

How about getting onboard to this site and do better, so we can get off facebook? I put the same plea in Jan. 2019 and it didn’t happen, so let’s try again.


Jan. 20, 2018

Am in the process of “simplifying” – downsizing accumulated stuff.  Unearthed a box with slides – many that my Dad took at our wedding that we forgot we had.  They look as though they are still in good condition – think it’s time to do “something” with them before it’s too late – in celebration of our 60th anniversary coming up in Sept.


Hey family!

It’s 2018!  and we sure aren’t doing anything to keep this going. We’re both weathering the cold, thinking about Negaunee – I have a new brainstorm for up there. The identifying of the problem of sap dripping on the new extended deck has prompted a different thinking – I would like to see the 3-season room be added off the lake-side door, directly attached to the building from the steps to the end of the...