Author: Randy Stolaruk


solar output

So far it looks like we are on track. Producing more energy than we need in the summer, and obviously it’ll be less in the winter, plus we’ll use more in the winter. If I did it again, I’d probably go with a 25% smaller system, just to knock out the higher tiers of charges.


backpacking trip to Sierras

Kai, my friend Dale and I went on a backpacking trip to the Sierras.  We only stayed for 2 nights, but it was up at 10,600 feet or even higher.  Lots of snow, lots of mosquitos, and some fish. Woke up 3 times last night because of avalanches.  We had a great time, but it was pure survival mode!


got our own project going…

 Here’s our new colorful sidewalk!  What do you think?  pretty stylish.   Kai helped a lot on the demolition. Looks like a bunch of extra large ground hogs were running amok, but we’ve started a patio/fence/artificial turf project. Shannon is helping, Kai intends to also. Plans are for hardwood fence (tigerwood), horizontal slats, plus porcelain pavers for the patio. We’re in over our heads, lol.