Monthly Archive: June 2017


First day of summer

Also – the longest daylight hours…….bummer that now they start getting shorter again. Appliance illness is the name of the game at 9 Fawn Drive this week……reverse osmosis stopped working properly (Culligan coming out on Tuesday); desktop computer failing (Andy coming on Saturday); and today the washer stopped working.   Geesh!!


this site

I still haven’t figured out the differences – between comments and replies.   Why sometimes one is available to do and other times it isn’t.  


Father’s Day

Had a nice brunch here yesterday with Jeff, Julie and Todd.  Spent some time discussing potential events/places etc. during our times together in August.  Would like to do some planning ahead with everyone’s input to see what things we would like to do together and those things that might be independent of whole group involvement, fully acknowledging that there will be some of each for all of us.   We were all in agreement that some...


Todd here?

I got an email saying that Todd posted on this site and was waiting for an approval???  But I don’t see anything.



After a week-end with infection from the tooth, the second treatment to get the nerve failed. Dr. Jim is trying to save the tooth – already has a crown on it. So now it’s to make an appointment with an endodontist. Bummer that’s it’s only you and me using this.  


baseball sideshow

Wow!  That was really impressive…..and I saw our Kai (# 33.) Who did it?  They sure took a lot of photos and made an impressive presentation.