Monthly Archive: August 2017


Some Photos from Charleston

(These were taken with my phone) I really had a great time on this trip. I would rank this vacation among the most worthwhile I’ve taken, and would definitely be willing to repeat it. I was surprised by how scenic it was, not just the ocean but that part of South Carolina overall. I may add more photos here as I have time to go through them. Edit: Added some more photos The view when...


Thursday Aug. 31 update

Heading for Negaunee today.  Can you believe it’s the labor day weekend already?  And next Wed. we will celebrate our 59th anniversary……..can’t believe it’s been that many years either. Mike’s right knee is “bone on bone”, so he’ll be having a total knee replacement on Nov. 3.  He has to wait that long because it has to be 3 months since a cortisone injection, which he had on July 30. C’mon family!  Use this site...