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I had repeat ultrasounds of both carotids, then appointment with vascular surgeon yesterday. Am “stable”, so just to continue having testing done every 6 months. Rt. carotid is “about 80% blocked”.Today Gd-pa/Dad had orthopedic evaluation of right knee and his inability to bear weight without pain. Given cortisone injection. All due to arthritis aggravated by the fall in May and ruptured Baker’s cyst. ¬† ¬†Hopeful for pain relief.
Tomorrow will be my last day for cardiac rehab – it will be the last of 24 episodes (equal to 8 weeks of therapy). Should be fine now by continuing with stationary bike and treadmill at home. (thanks to Leslie and Lisa).

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  1. Randy Stolaruk says:

    I hope that the knee pain goes away, and sounds good about the bike and treadmill! nice to have good exercise habits

  2. Carlene J Stolaruk says:

    Thanks, Randy! Health goals are what it’s all about at our age!

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