Thursday Aug. 31 update

Heading for Negaunee today.  Can you believe it’s the labor day weekend already?  And next Wed. we will celebrate our 59th anniversary……..can’t believe it’s been that many years either.

Mike’s right knee is “bone on bone”, so he’ll be having a total knee replacement on Nov. 3.  He has to wait that long because it has to be 3 months since a cortisone injection, which he had on July 30.

C’mon family!  Use this site to stay connected.

P.S. We got home from S.C. Sunday at 4 AM.  (3 unsuccessful attempts to find an OK place to stay for the night, so we just kept going).  Todd reports they got home  Tuesday at 9 pm.

Anybody know anything about “honey” – supposedly outsmarts costs on Amazon, let’s you know the lowest price available through them.?  (

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  1. In advance, Happy Anniversary!! 🎉🍰

    Sorry to hear about the knee. Hopefully the replacement will provide relief.

    For ‘Honey’: Their privacy policy basically states that they can collect or track anything they want about your “non-personal” browsing/viewing habits (except for the explicitly stated email or bank information). It also states that they inject tracking code (beacons) into the websites you visit. Additionally, you must grant the plugin permission to “Read and change all the data on websites you visit”.

    This isn’t so different from other online services though, but I think it is always good to keep these things in mind. As with virtually anything online these days: If you are not paying for it, you are the product.

    I would maybe use it selectively. Maybe install it for shopping on Amazon, then remove it afterwards.

  2. Carlene Stolaruk says:

    Good info, Andy, and much appreciated. I hadn’t even gone so far as to check their website, and glad I asked first, hoping for your input.
    Thank you for the anniversary greeting!

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