Some Photos from Charleston

(These were taken with my phone)

I really had a great time on this trip. I would rank this vacation among the most worthwhile I’ve taken, and would definitely be willing to repeat it. I was surprised by how scenic it was, not just the ocean but that part of South Carolina overall.

I may add more photos here as I have time to go through them. Edit: Added some more photos

The view when I woke up the first morning, after arriving by car at 1:30am


What I could take of the Hunley over the crowd. Looking at that submarine made me claustrophobic.

The best picture I got of the sky at totality

Fishing on the pier

These birds were sneaky – would steal your bait if you left it open. A couple times they tried to take it off our lines!

One of two stingrays we saw caught

Another reason why the house was a much better choice than a hotel:

Great brisket

Fort Sumter

One of the largest guns used in the Civil War, it read. Effective range over 5 kilometers.

Main drag of downtown Folly at night

The residents seemed quite creative

Crabbing dock at James Island campground.

Panorama view from the patio – Taken on the last morning

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  1. Carlene Stolaruk says:

    These are great! I didn’t do a good job of taking pictures while we were there, but will add some also.

  2. Randall Stolaruk says:

    They do look like good quality! What is your current phone?

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