Have been going back and forth to the lake, hence some insights of projects needed that will be addressed next year: 1) lighting for the deck and steps down to the lake, 2) “roof” to prevent sap dripping on the new deck extension 3) further planning on structure for the other room extension 4) removal of 3 dead large ash trees on lots, 5) cleanup of dead branches etc. on same 2 lots, 6) widening of driveway with brick pavers. Mailbox has been moved and huge rhododendron bush has been removed in readiness for that. 7) preparation of “safe” area to keep travel trailer on other lots during the summer, so that the parking driveway area can extend over to the lot line. 8) consideration of building a storage area on the back of the garage so that large shed can be converted into a bunk house. (Jeff’s idea)
I think you will agree that all of the above guarantees that Mike will not lack for things to do and definitely could use any help offered on these projects.

BTW – Gerry (next door) is in the process of having all the trees removed between the house and the lake – his wife wants to be able to see the water.  It is going to affect the visual from our property as well – not in a negative way by any stretch of the imagination.

We still hope to bring the travel trailer downstate this month, as Jeff has offered to let us store it inside at his storage area.

We will be closing the lake house up for the winter no later than the first week in November this year.

Reminder:  Mike’s knee replacement surgery is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 10.


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