Hey family!

It’s 2018!  and we sure aren’t doing anything to keep this going.

We’re both weathering the cold, thinking about Negaunee – I have a new brainstorm for up there.

The identifying of the problem of sap dripping on the new extended deck has prompted a different thinking – I would like to see the 3-season room be added off the lake-side door, directly attached to the building from the steps to the end of the house and extending out to cover the entire new (last year’s) extended deck.  Leave the older deck extension where the screen tent is sitting now open – except for constructing the needed railings.

The door into the house could be kept open during the summer, thus the added room would expand the living area, etc.  Hope I described it well enough for you to get the same mind visual.

As soon as we get back up there we will get the measurement of how big it could be.  I’m totally excited and into the pros.  The cons, of course, would be that it would be more expensive (hip roof and attached to the existing house) and probably increase the taxes.  But IMHO it would be worth every penny.

Since the ultimate plan is to leave the cottage for all of you to use when we’re dead and gone – we’d really like to know what you think of this update idea.

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  1. Jeff Stolaruk says:

    Doesn’t sound cheap. Will probably have to strengthen the deck support system to carry the additional load.

  2. Carlene Stolaruk says:

    Correct! It would not be cheap, but neither would one built on the other section. What about making it into just a screen porch then?? Easier and probably a lot less expensive.

  3. Jeff Stolaruk says:

    Going to need a better visual in my mind to better understand what you’d like to achieve.

  4. Carlene Stolaruk says:

    I can understand that……probably best done when we are all up there.

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