Happy New Year 2020

How about getting onboard to this site and do better, so we can get off facebook? I put the same plea in Jan. 2019 and it didn’t happen, so let’s try again.

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  1. Todd Stolaruk says:

    Success! Just like that ….poof…I am off Facebook! I’m okay with using this but to be honest I don’t have much to share….my life is comfortably boring! : )

  2. Carlene J Stolaruk says:

    I like comfortably boring! Ours is too! But often there are postings from the family in facebook that I’m sorry you aren’t seeing. Kazumi still uses it alot, Randy occasionally. Darrin is done with it, altho Donna still uses it. Andy doesn’t use it much either. But even tho he set this up, I never see anything from him either.

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