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backpacking trip to Sierras

Kai, my friend Dale and I went on a backpacking trip to the Sierras.  We only stayed for 2 nights, but it was up at 10,600 feet or even higher.  Lots of snow, lots of mosquitos, and some fish. Woke up 3 times last night because of avalanches.  We had a great time, but it was pure survival mode!


Computer news

Thanks to Andy, I have a new (albeit refurbished) laptop and I am one happy camper.  He installed an SSD in it and spent an afternoon installing my programs and transferring files and folders over to it.   My old one was 6 years old and was painfully slow and would lock up requiring restarts often.  That’s a thing of the past.  I’m at Negaunee right now, and even using the Verizon jetpack, it’s working...


got our own project going…

 Here’s our new colorful sidewalk!  What do you think?  pretty stylish.   Kai helped a lot on the demolition. Looks like a bunch of extra large ground hogs were running amok, but we’ve started a patio/fence/artificial turf project. Shannon is helping, Kai intends to also. Plans are for hardwood fence (tigerwood), horizontal slats, plus porcelain pavers for the patio. We’re in over our heads, lol.


New deck railings

Hooray!  Hubby reported this evening that all the spindles are in place now on the railings, and that it looks good!  He’s taken several pictures with our regular camera, so when he comes back downstate I’ll post them.  I’m very anxious to see it…..planning to go up the weekend of the 22nd, 23rd.  Andy and friends will be able to make use of the new decks during their stay the following week-end.  


Deck Progress Photos

I know Kevin has photos of the railing demolition, once I receive those I’ll put them here as well. Despite the hard work, I had a great time building this. Having never done any real carpentry or construction before, I feel like I learned a lot. There’s really something to be said for being able to stand and drink a beer on something that didn’t exist a few hours ago. Thanks for involving me in...


First day of summer

Also – the longest daylight hours…….bummer that now they start getting shorter again. Appliance illness is the name of the game at 9 Fawn Drive this week……reverse osmosis stopped working properly (Culligan coming out on Tuesday); desktop computer failing (Andy coming on Saturday); and today the washer stopped working.   Geesh!!