Author: Andy Stolaruk


Some Photos from Charleston

(These were taken with my phone) I really had a great time on this trip. I would rank this vacation among the most worthwhile I’ve taken, and would definitely be willing to repeat it. I was surprised by how scenic it was, not just the ocean but that part of South Carolina overall. I may add more photos here as I have time to go through them. Edit: Added some more photos The view when...


Deck Progress Photos

I know Kevin has photos of the railing demolition, once I receive those I’ll put them here as well. Despite the hard work, I had a great time building this. Having never done any real carpentry or construction before, I feel like I learned a lot. There’s really something to be said for being able to stand and drink a beer on something that didn’t exist a few hours ago. Thanks for involving me in...


Welcome to the Stolaruk Family Website!

The hope is that this will centralize communication among the family (as far as the Internet is concerned, anyway), so please feel free to use the site for anything personal or family-related that you wish to post. Posts may be public or marked ‘private’. If marked ‘private’, only other family members who are logged in will be able to see those posts. This website runs on a private VPS (Virtual Private Server), so I have...